Clif High Bitcoin Predictions

28 Dec 2017.

Clif High also talks about a coming “bond debacle,” soaring gold and silver prices in 2018 . . . the future of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies,

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Cliff High 2018 Crypto Predictions - Bitcoin $64K and higher !!! MUST SEE!!!Forecasters REVEAL five BTC price scenarios – Stellar price predictions 2019: to ,000. Quora).Crypto price predictions 2019. Bitcoin Forecast. TRON Price.

13 Aug 2016.

In a recent video delving into bitcoin, gold and silver data, as well as general economic developments, Mr. High predicted $20 up days in silver.

1 Jan 2018.

2018 will be a huge year for the cryptocurrencies! Bitcoin will surpass $64,000 in 2018 and might even touch $100,000 at some point in the year.

18 Feb 2018.

USA blogger Jack Shorebird takes a critical look at Clif HIgh. I choose the 'Bitcoin and Crypto-Currency Discussion Group" for this.

the data into predictions that he has termed "Predictive Linguistics" must be the real deal.

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Clif High has predicted a $13000 bitcoin in Feb. 6 Feb 2018 coinsomnia Member. Internet data mining expert Clif High has a brand new.