Bitcoin Futures Expiration Date


As traders have been closely monitoring stocks, the push higher in U.S. equities today may share some responsibility for the jump in bitcoin’s price." A Chinese publication called Interchain Pulse.

11 Nov 2019.

“If a trader is long Bitcoin and short the futures, as contracts move closer to expiry, holders may sell large share of the coins at volume weighted.

Fx Options Expiration. Bitcoin cryptocurrency events, announcements and dates. Verfallstermine Get Real-Time. Contents: First Trade Date Futures.

6 days ago.

Much of the below analysis ignores any difference between futures and.

Daily MOVE contracts expire to the move of BTC over a single day's period.

date]; e.g. BTC-MOVE-1116 is the BTC MOVE contract expiring at the.

Bitcoin’s bullish case fails to convince as its spot and derivative metrics show a divergence. The cryptocurrency is trending.

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